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From RVD......

SEPTEMBER 20 -- Hello readers. Hope everyone is fine.

This week finds RVD in unbelievable condition. I'd tell you about it but you wouldn't believe me...because it's unbelievable.

September 25th I will be in Covina, CA signing autographs in hopes of raising much-needed funds for the Katrina victims. I'll be at Wal-mart on Azusa Ave. at 2:00 pm. If you get a chance, come by. There will be a ring with wrestling matches in the parking lot. Sweet!

Candice Michelle will be at our store on the 28th. DEFINITELY stop by and meet this hot Diva!!

Sabu will be in store Oct. 3rd. I'll be there too. That never happens. Be there.

Guess which huge superstar wrote the intro to the new Twisted Toy Fair Theatre Magazine coming out? Hmmmm.....More on that later.

Everyone have a great week. If it's not so great, try not to bring anyone else down with your sorry ass...and be more positive, would ya?


Also From RVD......

Also From RVD......

Looking at my action figure collection that outgrows it's boundaries on a regular basis, I noticed that I actually have a lot of RVD figures. Not all, but quite a few, and it made me wonder how many are out there.

I thought it'd be cool to have a photo of each figure displayed on my website so everyone can see them.

Here's where that fan-participation thing comes in. I want you fans to email photos of your RVD action figures in so we can put them all together in an archive and see how many we have.

What do you think?

Credits:Thank you to the official site of Rob Van Dam,,, of my photos and my captures.

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