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For the third time ever in front of a nationwide audience, Rob Van Dam and Jerry Lynn went one-on-one. As Van Dam looked to put Lynn away with his 5 Star Frog Splash, Scotty Anton, Rob Van Dam's "best friend," pushed Mr. PPV off of the top rope and sent him crashing leg first on the ramp. He proceeded to carry Rob's limp body back into the ring where Lynn hit two Cradle Piledrivers on Van Dam and scored the win. RVD was able to gain revenge on Anton at ECW's next PPV, HeatWave 2000. During Rob's match with the U.S. Male, he debuted an extremely hardcore finishing move which topped anything ever performed previously in an ECW ring. The move was called The Van Terminator. The Manager of Champions placed a steel chair in front of Anton's face, which was laid out on the bottom turnbuckle. The sold-out Grand Olympic Auditorium, jam-packed with RVD fans, echoed with chants of "Terminator, Terminator, Terminator". The Whole F'n Show recognized the fans wishes and stormed over to the opposite ring apron. He then proceeded to springboard off the top rope, fly nearly twenty feet through the air, and dropkick the chair right into Anton's face, nearly smashing it on impact. The world had just been exposed to the Van Terminator! Rob then placed his body over Anton's and made the easy pinfall over his former best friend.

Following RVD's debut of the Van Terminator against Scotty Anton on July 16th, he delivered the move twice to Rhino, the man who took credit for breaking Rob's leg. Rhino was the last man to hold the ECW World Television title, the same belt which Van Dam claimed for 23 months and was never defeated for. Rhino defended the title against Mr. PPV on two separate occasions but the result of both was the same. After Rob Van Dam delivered a 5 Star Frog Splash on the Man Beast some of Rhino's cronies interfered and caused a disqualification. It looked as if Mr. PPV finally had a fair shot at capturing Rhino's TV championship on the Anarchy Rulz 2000 PPV. But thanks to a fast count from a heel referee, RVD was once again denied the belt that he so richly deserved.

Van Dam proceeded to take some time off from the ring which sparked rumors that he was unhappy with his status in Extreme Championship Wrestling. Rob confirmed what most of his fans already knew when he talked about the thousands of dollars that ECW owed to him. It was apparent that ECW was reaching its final Pay Per View in Guilty as Charged 2001, and owner Paul Heyman advertised a huge surprise to take place during the event. Rob has not wrestled a match in the company in the months leading up to the show so when the surprise was revealed as Rob Van Dam, the New York crowd went ballistic. RVD went on to wrestle the last ECW match ever on television, a classic victory over none other than Jerry Lynn. In his final bout as an ECW wrestler, Rob Van Dam was finally able to prove to the world who the real "F'n Show" was in the professional wrestling industry.

RVD spent a good part of 2001 relaxing at home with his beautiful wife Sonya. He wrestled several independent dates, most notably matches against Christopher Daniels and Nova. In addition, RVD traveled back to Asia only four months after shooting "Black Mask 2" in Thailand to participate in an All Japan Pro Wrestling tour. As the summer approached rumors surfaced on the internet concerning RVD's future in pro wrestling. The April 27 Ross Report at revealed that The Whole F'n Show met with the World Wrestling Federation's Senior Vice President to discuss a possible position for him to enter the company in. Two months later on July 9th, Rob Van Dam returned to the WWF in shocking fashion, as he and Tommy Dreamer resurrected ECW with eight other former "Team Extreme" competitors. In his first Pay Per View with the WWF RVD defeated Jeff Hardy for the WWF Hardcore Championship, becoming the first Federation superstar since 1998 to win a title in his PPV debut. As phenomenal as the RVD/Lynn classics, Van Dam and Hardy took each other to their individual limits at the WWF/WCW-ECW Invasion supercard. Throughout the bout the sold-out Gund Arena echoed with the fans appreciation for the newcomer, as almost 20,000 spectators chanted "RVD, RVD, RVD". In the end Mr. PPV prevailed following a Five Star Frog Splash to a thunderous applause. Twenty-four hours later on RAW is WAR, Van Dam successfully defended the Hardcore title for the first time, dismantling Jeff's older brother Matt Hardy. In less than a month, Rob Van Dam has risen to unthinkable heights of popularity, quicker than any other Federation wrestler in history. And he will be the first to tell you that he did it his way. Just like he's done it his entire life.

Rob Van Dam is at the climax of his illustrious 12-year career. The Whole F'n Show was the most popular wrestler in the history of Extreme Championship Wrestling. He fooled wrestling journalists all over the world in 1997 when he showed up in the WWF, while under a working agreement with ECW, and being rumored to jump ship to WCW. His 23-month reign as ECW World Television Champion is the longest any ECW wrestler held a title during the promotion's eight year existence. RVD's record of his own, innovative, Van Dam Lift will probably never be broken. You can find Rob Van Dam on T-shirts, hats, stickers, photos, and the covers of dozens of wrestling magazines. He can be seen in movies, TV shows, wrestling matches, video games and various wrestling compilations. As the WWF Hardcore Champion, Rob Van Dam displays his unlimited athletic ability to over 35 million viewers worldwide each week. As a person, Rob Van Dam is always meeting, greeting and signing autographs for his fans, whether it's before or after a show, or at an RVD Appreciation Day or one of his personal appearances. He always leaves his fans with a smile on their face when he meets them and understands that without the fans support, Rob Van Dam is just one man. But over the course of his glorious career as a professional wrestler Rob Van Dam has proven to be so much more than just one man. Rob Van Dam is The Whole F'n Show.